The Junior League of Austin

Argentina Hunt for Two

Big Game Hunt in La Pampa Argentina!

Experience a 7-night stay and big game hunt in La Pampa, Argentina. Practice your aim with a family membership to Capitol City Trap & Skeet. Take home a travel bag, leather accessories, and rustic home goods.

Donor: TGB Outfitters, Onine, Capitol City Trap & Skeet, D-Patt Wine Bottle Stoppers, Jess Vintage, Manos De Sur.

Full description: 7 Day/Night Big Game Hunt in La Pampa, Argentina for two hunters. This donation includes: 50% off of daily rates which includes meet & greet at airport, transportation between hunting areas, lodging, all meals which will be traditional Argentinean dishes and game meat, all beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, preparation of all trophies ready for export, and assistance obtaining all licenses and permits. During your hunt you will be set up with all necessary equipment and paired one-on-one with an expert. You will also receive a $500 USD credit towards each of the first five trophies taken by each hunter. Maximum of credit per trophy is $500 which will be deducted from the trophy fee according to the current price list. Hunters will have access to Red Stag, European Boar, Puma, Black Buck, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Pere David Deer, Mouflon, Multi-horn Ram, Feral Goat, Water Buffalo, Hybrid Ram, GB Brockett Deer, Capybara, Collared Peccary, and White Lipped Peccary. To prepare for your hunt you will receive a family membership to Capitol City Trap & Skeet, wine accessories from D-Patt Wine, a travel bag from Onine, genuine leather clutch from Jess Vintage, and a leather wine holster and throw from Manos De Sur.

Total Value: $8,400

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