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Cosmic Bliss: Art by Sherri Cobb

This piece of art will look beautiful in any room of your house! It’s number 5 out of a series of 12-18 pieces in Sherri Cobb’s Carbon Series.

Donor: Sherri Cobb

Full Description:  A beautiful piece of Acrylic on Raw Belgian Cotton art from Sherri Cobb which is 38x38in.

Sherri Cobb is a native Texas artist based in both Austin & New York City. Her work investigates the organic beginnings that are found in all aspects of nature. Harmony of energy and light become a central theme in her works.  Super Nova’s, Wave Frequencies, Concepts of Speed and Light are often found in the paintings.  The idea of making work that is sustainable and epic, Sherri uses scientific discovery of life as a diving board to make her work. This allows the viewer to jump into the abyss of these peculiar “virtual-scapes.”  Her work seeks to describe the infinite, the eternal and the void that baffles humanity.

This piece is in a new series of paintings titled “Carbon.” They will explore the deep contrast of light and dark by utilizing white, black and only one color in the spectrum to break up tones within the gray scale.  This is a bold new move unlike her two previous series, “Wavelength” & “Catastasis”.


·      BFA with Honors School of Visual Arts 2002

·      MFA Hunter College 2005

Shows/Entertainment Exposure/Awards:

·      Men and Dogs SVA Gallery 2001

·      Margaret Thatcher, NYC Summer Show 2006

·      Quentin Vs. Coen, Bold Hype Gallery NYC 2011

·      Dallas Fort Worth Arts Council, Juried show (2 shows) July/Aug 2016

·      Artwork featured, on season 2 and 3 of “Deadbeat”

·      Pamela Brown Award/SVA

·      Deans Grant/SVA

·      Artwork featured in both Seasons II & III of the Show Series “Deadbeat.”

·      Radiance

·      Space

·      Luminosity

Total Value: $4,500

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