Volunteer Extraordinaire

The Volunteer Extraordinaire award has been given to a sustaining member of The Junior League of Austin on an annual basis since 1985. The award is presented to a woman who has utilized past League training to demonstrate and promote volunteerism into the community beyond their active years with the League. Recipients of this award are listed below.

Recipient Year Recipient Year
Susan Lambert 2022 Jene Bearse 2023
Toya Bell 2020 Sandy Alcalá 2021
Holly Mace Massingill 2018 Laura Wolf 2019
Nancy Prideaux 2016  KaLyn Laney 2017
Mary Gideon Herman 2014 Dinah Barksdale 2015
Amber Carden 2012 Suzy Balagia 2013
MariBen Ramsey 2010 Cookie Ruiz 2011
Patsy Woods Martin 2008 Beth Walters Atherton 2009
Dianne Dies Schoch 2006 Karen Ruble Johnson 2007
Donna Stockton-Hicks 2004 Cindy Hendrick Kozmetsky 2005
Pam Pitzer Willeford 2002 Kay McKay McHorse 2003
Beth Butler Granger 2000 Carrielu Byram Christensen 2001
Eugenia Worley Schoch 1998 Diane Finch Grant 1999
Janet Long Fish 1996 Lolla McNutt Page 1997
Hallie Groos Slaughter 1994 Dealey Decherd Herndon 1995
Libby Snyder Malone 1992 Martha Woods Covert 1993
Eleanor Luckett Schneider 1990 Verna Mae Hardy Morrison 1991
Sonia Wolf Wilson 1988 Maline Gilbert McCalla 1989
Ann Cox Bome 1986 Grace Odem Doyle 1987