Membership Experiences

Spring 2018, ‘League Life Balance’
The League places a huge priority on membership happiness and sanity through time management in volunteering, work and personal life… continue reading here

Fall 2017, ‘Why Women Join the League’
Different members have varied reasons for joining The Junior League of Austin, but what reasoning do they have for staying a member? … continue reading here

Fall 2017, ‘How FIT – Food In Tummies Changed My Life’
Impact is often most appreciated when unexpected. There are countless member experiences that have changed life through volunteerism. Becka Grady is one of those stories… continue reading here

Spring 2017, ‘Tips for Membership Transition’
Ever wonder what membership levels there are within The Junior League of Austin? This article highlights experiences and tips for transitioning from all walks of JLA member categories: Provisional, Transfer, Active and Sustainer… continue reading here

Winter 2017, ‘Learn More About How the League Can Help You’
The Junior League of Austin places a huge priority on the personal and professional development of  members.  Annually in February, JLA holds an entire month of “February Enrichment” learning activities that can be applied in all facets of life… continue reading here

Winter 2017, ‘The JLA Social Corner: Gathering Groups’
The Junior League of Austin leadership understands the importance of fostering a member community within the organization. It’s commonly thought that building a strong community from within will, in turn, create a stronger Central Texas community. Gathering groups is a way for JLA members to socialize through a learning activity on a monthly basis… continue reading here