Community Fair FAQ

Coats for Kids Warm Bodies and Healthy Hearts Community Fair Fact Sheet

What is CFK Warm Bodies and Healthy Hearts Community Fair?

The Coats For Kids (CFK) Warm Bodies and Healthy Hearts Community Fair will be held the same day and time as Coats for Kids Distribution Day (December 10, 2016). The Community Fair provides an opportunity for coat recipients who attend CFK Distribution Day to obtain first-hand information about applicable services and programs from other Non-profit agencies within the Central Texas community.  In addition, this is a unique opportunity for the agencies to access a large number of needy families.  Together, with The Junior League of Austin and the Coats for Kids partners, these Non-profit organizations can help us assist the community beyond “warmth.”


When and where will the Community Fair be held?

The Community Fair will take place on Coats for Kids Distribution Day, scheduled for December 10, 2016. The Community Fair’s hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Just like last year, the Community Fair will be located outside of Palmer Events Center. The Junior League of Austin will take proactive steps to make this location as comfortable and effective as possible; however, you should ensure your volunteers are prepared for cold weather.


How can we/ your agency participate in the Community Fair?

All you need to do is complete and sign the CFK Warm Bodies and Healthy Hearts Community Fair Application.


What is the expectation of my agency’s participation in the Community Fair?

Your time at the Community Fair can be used to educate over 6,500 attendees about your Non-profit organization and the services it provides. Ideally, coat recipients who participate will learn about the exact steps they can take to get help (i.e., person to contact, instructions to set up an appointment, or other follow-up items). Agencies can distribute flyers, pamphlets and “giveaways”; however, food is prohibited. Because there will be a large Spanish-speaking population attending the Community Fair, agencies should be prepared to assist these participants.


Who can I contact for more information?

Rachel Pry – Community Fair Lead


Coats for Kids Committee

The Junior League of Austin