If you’re moving to the Austin area including cities in Travis, Williamson or Hays counties and are interested in transferring to The Junior League of Austin, we are thrilled for you to join our League.

Founded in 1934, The Junior League of Austin is an organization of women whose mission is to advance women’s leadership for meaningful community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Austin has nearly 2,400 Active, Provisional, and Sustaining members.  Over the years, The Junior League of Austin (JLA) has contributed millions of dollars to programs and agencies that benefit the Austin community.

A little about Austin – we are the State Capital, we pride ourselves on being far from ordinary – we celebrate being ‘weird’. Austin has become an internationally recognized hot spot for creativity and embraces its community of the creative class, entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers. We’re known for being the Live Music Capital of the World®, a title that we take pretty seriously with more than 200 live music venues.

How to Transfer Into The Junior League of Austin
You must notify your CURRENT League as a first step. The procedure varies by League so check your League’s website, your membership directory, or contact the Corresponding Secretary for guidance.

Your League will notify The Junior League of Austin of your intent to transfer and we will send you a welcome email. You will be contacted by the Membership Advisor who will walk you through the process. Depending on your membership classification (Provisional, Active or Sustainer), the Membership Advisor connect you with the appropriate chair. The Provisional, Transfer or Sustainer Engagement Chair will share the year’s curriculum and requirements that you must meet. Once your sending League enters the transfer and it is received by JLA you will have 90 days to pay your JLA dues. JLA policies require dues to be paid in 90 days or you will be dropped from our membership.

If you are due a refund from your previous League, please work with them to arrange for the refund. Because each League is independent we’re unable to transfer funds between Leagues.

What to Expect After Your Transfer is Complete
Our League has over 2,500 Active and Sustaining members.

Are you a Provisional transfer? You’ll join the Provisional class in their year’s curriculum. The Provisional Chair will walk you through all requirements and will help tailor the year based upon your entry date. The Junior League of Austin has a thorough Provisional course to ensure you are familiar with our League, the Austin community and receive an introduction to volunteering.

Are you an Active transfer? In order to make your transfer into the JLA as informative and fulfilling as possible we offer several different options: 1) a transfer course, 2) a JLA placement.

A Transfer Course can be completed instead of a placement for those who are incoming. The course begins in August and wraps in May. Each person is expected to complete the curriculum plus A Christmas Affair and meeting requirements just as if it were a placement. If you transfer after July 31st, you will be a member of the Spring Transfer Course beginning in January and wrapping in May. Each person will complete a modified set of requirements due to beginning the Transfer Course mid-year. If you select this option, our Transfer Chair will contact you about the upcoming Transfer Course schedule.

If you’re a previous JLA member (or if you’re familiar with our League’s structure, placement opportunities, leadership structure, etc.) you may also elect to jump right into one of our many placement opportunities. If you select this option you must complete the requirements of your placement plus A Christmas Affair and meeting requirements. If you select this option, our Placement Chair will contact you about open placements.

Either way is a wonderful opportunity to join other Active Transfers in a structured program or to immediately meeting other Actives. You will learn about Austin and The Junior League of Austin’s impact on the city.

Please specify your preference to the Membership Advisor when you speak with her about your transfer. The Membership Advisor will ensure that you are contacted by the Transfer Chair or Placement Chair.

Are you a Sustainer? The Junior League of Austin is a great place for Sustaining members. The Sustainer Engagement Chair will contact you and will inform you about our opportunities for transfers. Several times a year, we bring sustaining transfers together to meet each other and learn more about the history of The Junior League of Austin. You will have no meeting, placement or A Christmas Affair obligation but we encourage you to participate as much as you wish.

See more information about Transfer Deadlines.

If you have a question about the timeline of dues or fees associated with transferring your membership, please contact the Membership Treasurer at or the Membership Advisor at

Fill out the Change of Status Form online.

If you have questions, email the Membership Advisor at or the Membership Vice President at