Spanish Immersion Program


The JLA’s Spanish Immersion program began more than a decade ago. We equip members and sustainers to better serve and build connections through language learning – whether starting from scratch or polishing existing skills. Many learners join and continue taking classes for years, and we invite you to come and experience what keeps them coming back!

There are two ways to participate:

  • Paid classes are available to all Provisional, Active, and Sustaining members. Simply fill out this interest form to find out about upcoming classes.
  • Active members can also participate in the Spanish Immersion program as their formal placement. In this placement, members will attend a class in both the fall & spring session, and the fees/materials are fully covered by the League. To learn more about the Spanish Immersion placement, contact the Program Chair and be sure to add it to your In-League Placement list.


Fall or Spring Sessions: Classes meet for ~one hour weekly for 14 weeks

Summer Session: Classes meet for ~one hour weekly for 10 weeks

Holidays: Schedule adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis (based on instructor & majority availability on any conflicting federal holidays)

Attendance: Flexible (regular attendance is encouraged for learner’s benefit)

Location: Classes are held online (through Zoom) for your convenience

Level: All levels are welcome. Our interest form will help the instructor place you in the right class for your level.

Class size: The average class has six students, allowing for excellent engagement. (Classes will not exceed ten students.)

Vibe: Encouraging, Improving, Building, Enjoying

Taught by: Awesome native Spanish speaker who has been teaching with the JLA for 11+ years!

Cost: Varies with required class materials & session length with a range of: $325-$425.

For more info on specific session costs or splitting the payment into two parts, fill out the interest form and contact the Program Chair. (There is no cost for members who are fulfilling their placement in the Spanish Immersion program.)

Extracurricular Benefits: Program participants will hear about local events, language meetups, and have in-person get-togethers to provide learners with opportunities to practice in a fun environment and build community outside of class.


If you are interested in being notified of upcoming classes, start by filling out this quick interest form. This form includes additional details and will ensure that you have the opportunity to sign up for a class when a new session starts.

Feel free to contact the Spanish Immersion Chair with any additional questions at