Presenting Committee

ACA Chair
Courtney Dickey

ACA Chair-Elect
Keri Walling

ACA Assistant to the Chair
Robin Burch

Art and Design Layout (ADL)
Adriana Cuthbert – ADL Co-Chair
Sarah Matz – ADL Co-Chair
Lara Anton – ADL Assistant
Lindsay Durr – ADL Assistant

Lisa Galloway – Auction Co-Chair
Siiri Marquardt – Auction Co-Chair
Tara Holman – Auction Business Manager
Meredith Ankenbauer – Auction Assistant
Kelly Bodu-Tarrant – Auction Assistant
Kelsey Hagar – Auction Assistant

Children’s Events
Wendy Johnson – Children’s Events Co-Chair
Tania Leskovar-Owens – Children’s Events Co-Chair
Ashley Collins – Children’s Events Assistant
Elise Richardson – Children’s Events Assistant
Julie Short – Children’s Events Assistant

Libby Miller – Decorations Co-Chair
Katie Walker – Decorations Co-Chair
Jennifer Williams – Decorations Business Manager
Kristen Williams – Decorations Business Manager
Whitney Broughton – Decorations Assistant
Brittny Rendano – Decorations Assistant
Allison Winney – Decorations Assistant

Sara Hogan – Facilities Co-Chair
Krista White – Facilities Co-Chair

Food & Beverage
Ashley Aarons – Food & Beverage Chair
Jillian Copeland – Food & Beverage Assistant
Sarah McIlroy – Food & Beverage Assistant

Guest Relations
Alanna Edwards – Guest Relations Chair
Kathryn McGee – Guest Relations Assistant
Kate Rhodes – Guest Relations Assistant

Benee Arndt – Hospitality Chair
Tamiko Kelly – Hospitality Assistant
Chrissy Ryska – Hospitality Assistant

Jessica Castrejana – Merchandise Chair
Deidra Floyd – Merchandise Assistant
Laci Ganninger – Merchandise Assistant

Lyndsay Kerr – Merchant Co-Chair
Sharon Morgan – Merchant Co-Chair
Lindsay Boroush – Merchant Assistant
Lura Edge – Merchant Assistant
Jaclyn Marroquin – Merchant Assistant
Krystle Pleitz – Merchant Assistant
Lauren Reed – Merchant Assistant
Jeni Williams – Merchant Assistant

Ashley Bias – Parties Co-Chair
Natalie Sheridan – Parties Co-Chair
Sarah Gooding – Parties Assistant
Erin Kent – Parties Assistant

Melissa Golding – Placement Co-Chair
Rami Legha – Placement Co-Chair

Public Relations
Rachel Zander – PR Coordinator
Brooke Feachen – PR Assistant
Brittany Richardson – PR Assistant

Sustaining Advisors
Holly Mace Massingill – Sustaining Advisor Lead
Jessica Balladares-Bennett
Paula Chaney
Leslie Moore
Holly Priestner
Nancy Wade
Gayle Vickers

Melinda Boe – Technology Co-Coordinator
Emily Rice – Technology Co-Coordinator

Rebecca McCormick – Tickets Co-Chair
Erica Shelgren – Tickets Co-Chair
Amy Miller – Tickets Assistant
Katrina Natale – Tickets Assistant
Charlotte Williams – Tickets Assistant

Traffic & Security
Erin Arnold – Traffic and Security Co-Chair
Amy Hudson – Traffic and Security Co-Chair
Rachel Beaulieu – Traffic and Security Assistant
Emily Franke – Traffic and Security Assistant
Brooke Morgan – Traffic and Security Assistant
Whitney Oppermann – Traffic and Security Assistant
Arden Wimberly – Traffic and Security Assistant

Mimi Braun – Treasurer
Elissa Pate – Treasurer