The Junior League of Austin

Walk the Red Carpet: 2017 Emmy Awards

Shoulder rub on the red carpet with the hottest TV celebrities!

Hang with celebrities in Los Angeles during the hottest weekend in Primetime Television! The package includes 2 balcony/mezzanine tickets to the show, gorgeous pieces of jewelry to go with your red carpet outfit from Ana Aguilar, a beautiful Abbey Rose python purse and $150 gift card. Also included is a “Be Your Own Fashionista” night at Abbey Rose Boutique where you and your friends can help you style your red carpet look.

Donors: VIP Marketing, Abbey Rose Boutique, Ana Aguilar

Full Description: This package includes two balcony/mezzanine tickets to the 2017 Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles (date to be determined). Recipient will also receive jewelry from LA Designer Ana Aguilar, Python Clutch from Abbey Rose Boutique with $150 gift card, and a "Be Your Own Fashionista" event where you and your 8 besties get to be the models you’ve always dreamed of! You will have a red carpet, champagne and appetizers will be included, your own private fitting and styling of the store before the event, invitations to your "models" and your select list of friends to come to your big day!

Total Value: $5,345

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